Jeremiah Hundley

Chief Strategy Officer & Blockchain Strategist


Jeremiah is a highly motivated entrepreneur, entertainer and creative strategist who have ventured into business with fellow inventors, film creators, and hemp operations. Mr. Hundley served as an advisor to several multimillion-dollar blockchain companies, as well as many hemp start-ups with a focus on transportation and track and trace applications. Jeremiah has had the honor to work with resonance frequency decoders, blockchain developers, stem cell and gene lab nano-tech inventors to further the development of these processes. By merging each of these technologies, he has invented several proprietary combinations of unique, diverse, and often ethically disruptive programs, from blockchain-based backgrounds, health screening A.I. to thermal patches by utilizing resonant frequency as a medicinal delivery system. Throughout his career, his passion to help the environment and support his humanitarian efforts remain his primary goal. In addition to his extensive film and technology experience, Jeremiah remains extremely active and holds degrees in Fine Art, 3D Animation, Film and Video Production, Quantum Physics and Creative Writing.