Joe Reiben

Securities Lawyer


Joseph Reiben is a regulatory, business and tax attorney based in Denver Colorado. Joseph received his undergraduate degree from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where he received his BA in business, and his JD from Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Joseph has worked for law firms in Cleveland, Chicago and Denver, specializing in civil litigation, bankruptcy, tax and business law prior to starting Reiben & Velvis in 2016. Since founding Reiben & Velvis, Joseph has focused on regulatory and compliance, business and tax issues surrounding emerging markets such as blockchain, hemp, and cannabis for both domestic and international companies. Joseph has been actively involved in furthering these markets as well, appearing in interviews on the NASDAQ floor and for other blockchain and cannabis publications, discussing compliance and regulatory issues and challenges facing the industries moving forward. Currently, Joseph is focused on assisting start-ups and working in multiple emerging global markets.

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