Mike Sarwari

Technology Expert


Mr. Sarwari is a hands-on technology leader with more than twenty years of experience and fifteen years of software development experience. Mr. Sarwari has an MBA in Management and an extensive background in web development, Project Management, application development, ERP implementation, Business Intelligence, and CRM implementation. Mr. Sarwari has tremendous experience working with Java, LAMP, net Platforms and Big Data Analytics and has been responsible for budgets ranging from between 2 Million dollars to 15 Million dollars. He has proven time and time again his ability to deliver viable client value, program quality and corporate/client profitability through expertise in project planning and flawless workflow organization. He has experience with the day-to-day operations of managing diverse teams of people. He possesses excellent communication skills and has been an integral part of teams dealing with clients worldwide. In addition, he has led and managed technology teams in the United States, India, and China. He has an ability to help create the strategic vision and road maps for organizations. Mr. Sarwari can communicate and lead people with varying levels of technological experience. He is a passionate problem solver with complementary expertise in strategy development, tactical planning, and creative troubleshooting.