Roy Boa

Vice President of Business Development, South East Asia


Roy brings experienced technical knowledge in the area of green energy technology; Roy has been a consultant for many solar, wind and waste-to-energy companies worldwide for the past ten years, specific to South East Asia, with much work done in Vietnam. Roy is an experienced engineering director with extensive knowledge in the areas of SOC (System on Chips) and transport/data networking while having worked in marvel semiconductor (Data Storage), applied micro (AMCC), Cisco systems (CPP/OIBU/OTBU) and Fujitsu network communications.  Mr. Boa also has a background in network systems and Rockwell international and has successfully built two design centers in Vietnam for large US-based corporations. Roy has an accomplished background in problem solving and is motivated and ready to help GreenTek create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. He has a proven track record of managing complex engineering projects, interacting with internal and external participants and his work experience demonstrates the ability to lead the facilitation, structuring, negotiating, and presentation of complex technical projects to the marketplace.