Solar Energy

Solar Power Generation

With new storage, the power supply is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is accomplished through a proprietary Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) collection system. This patented technology efficiently takes 18 feet of air space on 400 square feet of land. In that small space it collects the combined energy sources of the sun that normally would require 1,421 square feet of land to produce 100 kW through photovoltaic (PV) means.

That alone would be an accomplishment, but using this technology, the owner can store what is collected and create an additional 16 hours of energy while the typical PV sits idle. PV can produce 100 kW x 8 or 800 kWh while we can deliver 100 kW x 24 or 2400 kWh. This CSP system can collect, store, and supply solar energy even when the sun’s rays do not reach the ground. The exploitation of solar energy, which is practically limitless, even in moments when there is no sun, embodies perfection in the field of renewable energy sources. Due to varying weather conditions, the sun itself is an unstable energy source. Answering the challenge that reality poses, this technology represents a new generation of innovative solutions in the renewable energy industry. With this cutting-edge technology, they are prepared to assume the leading role in replacing fossil fuels.