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GreenTek is a green renewable energy development company, specifically formed to target the world’s most efficient, sustainable, economical, green energy technologies and solutions worldwide. We source, fund, co-manage and exit each “portfolio company” from the development stage to a completed project.


At GreenTek, we collaborate with a team of renown scientists and capital partners to enact our mission to supply industries with the best possible green renewable energy solutions, making sustainability more readily available for all energy consumers around the world.

GreenTek has positioned itself as a leading renewable energy company.


Our renewable energy technology projects include:

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Complete honesty and transparency

Our Vision

To deliver a full-scale platform that covers all aspects of development for a project from its inception to production for the purpose of power generation and distribution. GreenTek will utilize modern blockchain technology to form financial platforms for the development of these green energy projects.

Message from our GreenTek Founder

A renewable energy company making a difference.

“We are making extreme progress with our technology partners. These are revolutionary type of
technologies that will change the dynamic of energy consumption. Our goal is to become the bitcoin of energy.”

Brian Figueroa

Founder & CEO

Innovative leaders in clean energy solutions